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    Brands & Suppliers

    Friday, 27 April 2018  |  Joanna
    Who made your: Winter Woolies

    Fashion Revolution Week helps showcase the fashion companies which are sourcing their goods ethically.

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    Thursday, 26 April 2018  |  Joanna
    Who made your: Bamboo Socks?

    Fashion Revolution Week seeks to raise awareness of how, where and by whom our clothes are made.

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    Wednesday, 25 April 2018  |  Joanna
    Who made your: purses?

    Fashion Revolution Week runs from 23-29 April and commemorates the deaths of 1,134 garment workers in the Rana Plaza factory collapse.

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    Tuesday, 24 April 2018  |  Joanna
    Who made your: Brass earrings?

    Fashion Revolution Week commemorates the deaths of 1,134 workers in the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013.

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    Monday, 23 April 2018  |  Joanna
    Who made your: handbags?

    Fashion Revolution Week commemorates the deaths of 1,134 workers in the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013.

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    Thursday, 8 February 2018  |  Joanna
    Meeting our suppliers at Trade Fair

    It's always great to meet the people who import the goods we sell. They are our direct link to the makers.

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    Tuesday, 16 August 2016  |  Joanna
    Just Trade

    Introducing our new supplier - Just Trade.

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    Tuesday, 19 May 2015  |  Joanna
    Manumit's Vietnamese producers

    Amanda from Manumit, one of our fair trade brands, took these photos while visiting her producers in Vietnam this month. Click "Read more" to see her account of the visit.

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    Wednesday, 11 March 2015  |  Joanna

    Black Yak are one of our biggest suppliers and their winter woollies are really popular. 

    But like a lot of fair trade companies they do lots of fantastic work with their knitters in Nepal that they don't always shout about.

    Here's a bit more info about Black Yak:

    1: We are a Fair Trade company recognised by BAFTS since 2005 

    2: We continue to provide support and materials for the protection against river erosion to a village where some of our knitters live. Without this the village would have disappeared into the river by now.

    3: A percentage of Black Yak's turnover goes into a fund, to provide sickness and medical benefits, so that when our producers are ill they can at least rely upon a basic living wage and are able to pay for medicines and operations.

    4: Black Yak has a long-term commitment to pay for several of our producer's children to go to school, college and hopefully university. This initially includes shoes, uniform, books and writing materials.

    5. Black Yak visits Nepal at least twice a year and we surprise our knitters with a picnic party for everyone to get together for food, music and laughter.



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    Wednesday, 30 May 2012  |  Colin
    New Women for Conservation range launched

    Accessory Fair now stocks a range of beautiful handmade Women for Conservation beaded bracelets and necklaces, made using exotic seeds, such as Tagua, Chocho Rojo and Azaid..

    Women for Conservation seeks to alleviate poverty in rural areas of Colombia through promoting conservation and fair trade.

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