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Our Ethics
We pride ourselves on being socially and ethically responsible, and following the principles of fair trade.

Azeti is a family run business, trading in hand-made homewares and serve ware. The items we sell have been chosen for their aesthetic qualities and craftsmanship and rather uniquely because it allows us to support the communities from which they originate.

Wiltshire based Alexander Mayer, created Azeti in 2007 simply because he wanted to be his own boss. Not entirely sure what to sell, Ali sought inspiration from India, the sights, sounds and colours of which had entranced him since his teenage travels there. “On one of my trips I came across a row of small artisan shops in a suburb of Delhi selling beautiful and richly coloured aluminium and enamel bowls.”

These became the first Azeti import and range; a glorious collection of highly polished recycled Aluminium serve ware with bright enamel finishing, for which Azeti is still the exclusive distributors. “The best seller in this range is the brushed bowls and we've recently added to this range. What I love most about these products though is that I have seen the impact our sales are having on the communities that make them. As a result of making and selling these beautiful objects, homes and families have been greatly improved.”

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Salad servers with smooth handles

Salad servers with smooth handles£18.00

Available in five colours

Boat shaped dish - animal pattern

Boat shaped dish - animal pattern£25.00

Available in two designs

Heart shaped dish - medium with pattern

Heart shaped dish - medium with pattern£15.00

Available in three designs

Square bowl

Square bowl£15.00

Available in three colours

Round dish with pattern

Round dish with pattern£20.00

Available in three designs

Heart dish white with characters

Heart dish white with characters£15.00

Available in three designs

Oval bowl with pattern

Oval bowl with pattern£25.00

Available in two sizes and a choice of patterns

Long deep boat dish

Long deep boat dish£25.00

Available in two colours

Cotton leather notebook

Cotton leather notebook£7.00

Available in five colours

Patterned cotton leather photo frame

Patterned cotton leather photo frame£10.00

Available in two designs and two sizes.

Recycled Cotton Leather Jewellery Box

Recycled Cotton Leather Jewellery Box£15.00

Available in two colours

Recycled cotton leather look photo frame

Recycled cotton leather look photo frame£12.00

Available in five colours

Boat shaped dish - flower pattern

Boat shaped dish - flower pattern£25.00

Available in two designs

Boat shaped dish - plain

Boat shaped dish - plain£20.00

Available in three colours

Heart shaped dish - medium

Heart shaped dish - medium£15.00

Available in five colours

Heart shaped trinket box

Heart shaped trinket box£15.00

Available in five colours

Tealight holder - heart shape

Tealight holder - heart shape£10.00

Available in four colours

Triple tealight holder

Triple tealight holder£20.00

Available in three colours

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