Luna Tree

Brand:  Luna Tree
Material:  Silver
Thai tribe:  Karen

Silver earrings star shape

Price:  £10.00
These 99.9% silver earrings are hand made and decorated by Karen tribe silversmiths in Northern Thailand.

The stars measure approx 2cm across and are on silver ear-wires.


Handcrafted silver jewellery is created for Luna Tree Jewellery exclusively by one community of Karen Hill Tribe silversmiths…..

Traditionally silver jewellery has been used as a store of wealth and as a means of adornment and beautification for the Hill Tribes of Thailand and the surrounding areas. Silver jewellery proudly worn enhances their financial security, signifies wealth, status and spirituality within the tribe. The Hill Tribe’s still use some silver in place of paper money occasionally, preferring something they consider retains its true value. On special occasions such as a birth or marriage silver is used for gifts and dowries. Each detailed component is painstakingly created by hand from 99.9% silver. This is flattened into sheets, which is then cut, shaped, moulded, soldered and stamped into the finished item. Each piece is totally unique due to the handcrafted nature. No two beads, pendant or ring is exactly the same, just shinning out with stunningly beautiful handmade characteristics.

Silver Production
Fine silver, being soft and can be worked with surprising speed due to the skills of craftsmanship and the purity of the silver. Sterling silver in comparison is 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper and a few other trace metals, which gives it a harder finish, only enabled to work by machine rather than hand tools. The purity of the Hill Tribe silver means it will tarnish less quickly than sterling and will need less regular polishing to retain its appeal. The hand worked Hill Tribe Fine silver has a look, weight and feel all its own and offers the wearer an intimate connection directly back to the silversmith who produces each item. The inspiration for all the designs of the jewellery comes from nature. The Karen people live close to the natural world working as subsistence farmers and have a very spiritual connection with their land.

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The silversmiths of our producer village are highly creative individuals, we visit the village annually to work on new designs with them and to place orders. We can also order remotely for products we already carry. Our silversmiths enjoy the challenge of working in partnership with Luna Tree Jewellery on new pieces, by sharing ideas we can collectively establish innovation and fresh exciting products with every order placed.

Huay Dtom (pronounced Hoy Tum) situated in Lampang Province of Northern Thailand, South East of Chiang Mai is the village which produces all the silver for Luna Tree Jewellery. The residents of Huay Dtom are Karen Hill Tribe people who form the largest Hill Tribe group of Thailand. The village is large and well established, with approximately 200 families residing there. About a third of the families are involved with silver production and each family is expert in one style of design each; one family will produce only flower designs, another will do fish designs etc. The women of Huay Dtom are also prolific weavers, producing the finest quality cloth on simple back strap looms to make their traditional clothing with, and more recently, other items such as scarves, bags etc which are sold within the markets and bazaars of Chiang Mai.

All the children of Huay Dtom attend school within the village between the ages of 7-15. The school was built by the Thai government about twenty years ago and the resources here are all government funded. If the children wish to continue their studies after school leaving age they have to pay fees and travel away from the village. The income generated from silver production can help them to achieve this should they wish to do so.

Most of the village can speak Thai fluently but prefer to speak their traditional Karen dialect within the village. The Karen are very proud of their culture and heritage and despite their assimilation into Thai society over the last few centuries they continue to hold on to their way of life against the odds.

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