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Add a bit of colour to your world with our beautiful handmade jewellery.

Have a browse through our wide selection of jewellery and you will find high quality bracelets and necklaces that will complement any outfit and suit any occasion – and they are all handmade and fair trade.

Whether it’s a stylish bead necklace for a posh dinner or striking shells for a light lunch; a sparkly bracelet for a night out or colourful seeds to brighten up your office outfit – you’ll find our jewellery is just the thing.

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Bead necklace with large sweet style beads

Bead necklace with large sweet style beads£4.00

Available in two colours

Bracelet with coloured shell beads

Bracelet with coloured shell beads£2.00

Available in three colours

Brass circle earrings

Brass circle earrings£2.00

Two designs available

Brass earrings - cloud design

Brass earrings - cloud design£9.00

Brass drop earrings in cloud shape.

Brass hoop earrings

Brass hoop earrings£9.00

Brass hoop earrings.
Three styles available.

Denim cuff style bracelet

Denim cuff style bracelet£2.00

Available in four colours

Diamond shaped enamel earrings

Diamond shaped enamel earrings£3.00

Available in two colours

Earrings with tagua seed beads

Earrings with tagua seed beads£7.00

Available in six colours

Enamelled oval earrings

Enamelled oval earrings£1.50

Three colours available

Fused glass earrings - half moon shape

Fused glass earrings - half moon shape£10.00

Available in six colours

Fused glass earrings - triangle shape

Fused glass earrings - triangle shape£10.00

Available in six colours

Fused glass pendant - diamond shape

Fused glass pendant - diamond shape£10.00

Available in three colours

Fused glass pendant - round

Fused glass pendant - round£10.00

Available in

Fused glass pendant and earrings set - diamond

Fused glass pendant and earrings set - diamond£18.00

Available in four colours

Fused glass pendant and earrings set - round

Fused glass pendant and earrings set - round£18.00

Available in five colours

Gothic earrings

Gothic earrings£2.50

Available in three styles

Heart shaped enamel earrings

Heart shaped enamel earrings£4.00

Available in five colourways

Heart shaped silver earrings

Heart shaped silver earrings£10.00

Two designs available

Recycled Cotton Leather Jewellery Box

Recycled Cotton Leather Jewellery Box£15.00

Available in two colours

Sequin design earrings

Sequin design earrings£1.50

Available in four colours

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Page 1 of 2:    57 Items

Handmade jewellery that complies with the highest ethical standards.

All of our jewellery is fair trade. We only use suppliers who are registered with the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS), and by doing this you can be assured that the bracelets and necklaces we sell comply with internationally recognised fair trade standards.

Jewellery that is made with skill and care.

The nature of fair trade means that this jewellery has been handmade by skilled artisans using high quality materials and environmentally friendly methods of production.

And what’s more - it is all wonderfully stylish, high quality and great value!