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Namaste UK produce a wide range of great value fair trade accessories.

They hold a special place in our hearts here at Accessory Fair, as they were the first fair trade supplier we bought from when we started the company. In fact, for our first year, Namaste UK were the only brand we stocked!

The good folks from Skipton are still one of our largest suppliers, providing us with superb fair trade bags, as well as fantastic scarves, hats, bracelets, necklaces and winter woolies.

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Flower shaped bowl

Flower shaped bowl£12.00

Available in five colours

Heart shaped dish - small with brush effect

Heart shaped dish - small with brush effect£7.00

Available in five colours

Leaf shaped dish - small

Leaf shaped dish - small£6.00

Available in three colours

Star shaped dish

Star shaped dish£15.00

Available in three colours

Boat shaped dish - brushed effect

Boat shaped dish - brushed effect£22.00

Available in four colours

Small round bowl - brushed effect

Small round bowl - brushed effect£8.00

Available in five colours

Large 4 point bowl - brushed effect

Large 4 point bowl - brushed effect£15.00

Available in six colours

Small 4 point bowl brushed effect

Small 4 point bowl brushed effect£7.00

Available in six colours

Eggshell lacquered coconut bowls

Eggshell lacquered coconut bowls£9.00

Available in six colours

Heart shaped coconut bowl

Heart shaped coconut bowl£9.00

Available in six colours

Mosaic effect coconut bowl

Mosaic effect coconut bowl£9.00

Available in five colours

Splash effect coconut bowls

Splash effect coconut bowls£9.00

Available in five colours

Hand Knit Patchwork Effect Gloves

Hand Knit Patchwork Effect Gloves£15.00

Available in two colours

Salad servers with smooth handles

Salad servers with smooth handles£18.00

Available in five colours

Bamboo salad or fruit bowl with wave effect

Bamboo salad or fruit bowl with wave effect£20.00

Available in three colours

Floral Heart Shaped Trinket Box

Floral Heart Shaped Trinket Box£15.00

Available in two sizes

Beanie hat - Wool & Silk

Beanie hat - Wool & Silk£15.00

Available in two colours

Fingerless Gloves - space dye

Fingerless Gloves - space dye£15.00

Available in two colours

Gloves - silk & wool

Gloves - silk & wool£15.00

Available in three colours

Recycled aluminium cheese knife set

Recycled aluminium cheese knife set£12.00

Available in three colours

Elephant ornament - large

Elephant ornament - large£8.00

Available in five colours

Elephant ornament - small

Elephant ornament - small£4.00

Available in five colours

Bamboo dip tray

Bamboo dip tray£15.00

Available in two colours

Cake or afternoon tea stand

Cake or afternoon tea stand£25.00

Available in two colours

Cake plate

Cake plate£10.00

Available in two colours

Cake slice

Cake slice£12.00

Available in two colours

Round Iron cutwork tealight holder

Round Iron cutwork tealight holder£12.00

Available in two sizes

Set of 4 wooden coasters in holder

Set of 4 wooden coasters in holder£10.00

Available in four designs

Plain coconut bowls from Vietnam

Plain coconut bowls from Vietnam£9.00

Available in seven colours

Set of 6 coasters

Set of 6 coasters£15.00

Available in two colourways

Dip tray small pots

Dip tray small pots£25.00

Available in five colourways

Heart shaped dish - mini

Heart shaped dish - mini£4.00

Available in eight colours

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Page 1 of 3:    77 Items

What Namaste UK say about themselves…

Namaste UK logoNamaste was inspired by a journey through India in 1995 on reconditioned ex-Indian Army Enfield Bullet motorbikes. Founder Sam Brummitt, his sister and her partner travelled to India for a quick visit that turned into a six month adventure. Sleeping under the stars most nights by the side of the road they quickly developed a passion for this most amazing sub-continent and especially the warm, friendly and hospitable people they met. One day in Rajasthan, they got into conversation with the owner of a small textile business who suggested they went back home to England and started a business. Today Ganpat is a lifelong friend and is still one of Namaste's key suppliers.

Lives were changed by this chance encounter and a business was started which was named Namaste after the greeting which was so often extended to them. Some say it simply means "Hello," but a better translation, perhaps, is "I greet the spirit within you."

At the core of Namaste UK are our suppliers with whom we work very closely. Our criteria for passing them as fair trade producers, and hence suitable business partners, are based on international fair trade guidelines.