Recycled Aluminium


Add a bit of colour to your world with our sumptuous fair trade homewares.

 Our best selling recycled aluminium range is made from post consumer waste aluminium - cans, foil etc. The skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India use their traditional method of sand casting to create the basic shapes but the real magic is added by the decorators who add layer upon layer of clear and coloured enamel to give an incredibly striking depth of colour. 

Browse through our wide selection of homewares and whether it’s a dip tray to give an extra dimension to a dinner party, striking salad bowls and servers for a light lunch; a vase or tealight holder for a splash of living room colour– you’ll find our fair trade homewares are just the thing.

Aluminium is a traditional gift for the tenth wedding anniversary, but these make ideal gifts for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and engagements.

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Salad servers with smooth handles

Salad servers with smooth handles£18.00

Available in five colours

Boat shaped dish - animal pattern

Boat shaped dish - animal pattern£25.00

Available in two designs

Heart shaped dish - medium with pattern

Heart shaped dish - medium with pattern£15.00

Available in three designs

Square bowl

Square bowl£15.00

Available in three colours

Floral Heart Shaped Trinket Box

Floral Heart Shaped Trinket Box£15.00

Available in two sizes

Heart dish - small with floral pattern

Heart dish - small with floral pattern£7.00

Available in four colours

Round dish with pattern

Round dish with pattern£20.00

Available in three designs

Recycled aluminium cheese knife set

Recycled aluminium cheese knife set£12.00

Available in three colours

Recycled aluminium flat round dish

Recycled aluminium flat round dish£5.00

Available in three colours

Heart dish white with characters

Heart dish white with characters£15.00

Available in three designs

Oval bowl with pattern

Oval bowl with pattern£25.00

Available in two sizes and a choice of patterns

Elephant ornament - large

Elephant ornament - large£8.00

Available in five colours

Elephant ornament - small

Elephant ornament - small£4.00

Available in five colours

Cake or afternoon tea stand

Cake or afternoon tea stand£25.00

Available in two colours

Cake plate

Cake plate£10.00

Available in two colours

Cake slice

Cake slice£12.00

Available in two colours

Long deep boat dish

Long deep boat dish£25.00

Available in two colours

Set of 6 coasters

Set of 6 coasters£15.00

Available in two colourways

Boat shaped dish - flower pattern

Boat shaped dish - flower pattern£25.00

Available in two designs

Boat shaped dish - plain

Boat shaped dish - plain£20.00

Available in three colours

Heart shaped dish - medium

Heart shaped dish - medium£15.00

Available in five colours

Heart shaped trinket box

Heart shaped trinket box£15.00

Available in five colours

Tealight holder - heart shape

Tealight holder - heart shape£10.00

Available in four colours

Triple tealight holder

Triple tealight holder£20.00

Available in three colours

Dip tray rectangular

Dip tray rectangular£30.00

Available in three colourways

Dip tray rounded

Dip tray rounded£30.00

Available in two colourways

Dip tray small pots

Dip tray small pots£25.00

Available in five colourways

Heart shaped dish - mini

Heart shaped dish - mini£4.00

Available in eight colours

Heart shaped dish - small

Heart shaped dish - small£7.00

Available in several colours

Large point bowl

Large point bowl£15.00

Available in five plain colours plus floral pattern

Large striped dish

Large striped dish£35.00

Available in two colourways

Large striped vase

Large striped vase£30.00

Available in two colours

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Ethical homewares from some fantastic fair trade brands.

Everything we sell complies with the highest ethical standards based on the World Fair Trade Organisation's Ten Principles of Fair Trade.

We only use suppliers who are members of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS), and by doing this you can be assured that the gift you are buying conforms to internationally recognised fair trade standards.

And what’s more, they’re all wonderfully stylish, high quality and great value!