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Who are we?

All's Fair is run by Joanna Pollard. Joanna has been working in fair trade since setting up the business in 2005 during a trip to Mexico, and has been an active campaigner in local fair trade groups as well as serving on the Board of BAFTS - The UK Fair Trade Network from 2011 to 2017. In April 2021 Joanna was appointed as Chair of the National Fairtrade Campaigner Committee.

Joanna says:

"Fair trade is all about inspiring stories. We know that the work we give to our suppliers makes a lasting impact on the lives of disadvantaged people around the world. Our suppliers go out of their way to help people achieve their full potential and that fills me with passion. The products are crafted with love and our customers love them. It's wonderful to be part of that transaction - to spread joy and happiness."

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We have been members of the UK's Fair Trade Network (BAFTS) since 2006.

Why fair trade?

Fair trade is a partnership between consumers, retailers, importers and workers. It's about being fair to everyone in the supply chain, making sure everyone gets a fair share of the pie. With fair trade everyone is treated with dignity and respect and everyone feels valued. Quite simply it makes sense. We don't want to make a living by exploiting anyone else. By choosing suppliers who honour and value the skills of their artisans and farmers we are taking a stand for the kind of world we want to see. And by cutting out the middle man, our direct connection with the producers means we can offer these beautiful items at a reasonable price, making it fair for you the customer as well.

What are our values?

As a fair trade business it is very important to us that we operate in an ethical manner, in accordance with the Ten Principles of Fair Trade as outlined by the WFTO.

We always treat our customers and suppliers with honesty and respect, and aim to be transparent in everything we do – and as a result we hope that most people want to shop with us again!

As a growing business we are very aware of the responsibility we have to minimise our impact on the environment, and we therefore take active steps to reduce, reuse and recycle. We use 100% recycled paper for all our leaflets and packing slips, biodegradable mailing sacks and the bubble wrap we use is either upcycled from our own deliveries or biodegradable. 

Most of our suppliers are members of BAFTS or WFTO – which means they have been independently assessed and found to comply with the Ten Principles of Fair Trade. We choose suppliers whose eye for design and detail is second to none so we know that we can offer you the finest fairly traded gifts, fashion and toys. We know all our suppliers personally and consider many of them as friends. We are all part of the fair trade community. You'll find more information about each supplier in our blog or social media as well as in the individual product descriptions.

Buy with confidence

Fair trade applies to the whole supply chain, including you, the customer. When you shop with us you can be confident that we will look after you as well as the people who make your goods.

From our free UK delivery for orders over £20 to our 'no-quibbles' 28-day returns policy, we have an overriding ethical approach to business that goes beyond the products we sell, and extends to our customer service philosophy and the way we run our business behind the scenes.

Want to know more?

We hope this brief introduction has given you a feel for us as a business, however if you would like any more information then please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page. We’d love to hear from you.

Have fun,