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    1 CommentWednesday, 29 December 2021  |  Joanna
    Closing Down

    All's Fair will close for business at the end of January 2021

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    Wednesday, 3 November 2021  |  Joanna
    Fashion and climate - how green is your T shirt?

    As the COP26 meeting continues in Glasgow we look at how choosing the way we buy and use our clothes can have an impact on our carbon footprint

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    Tuesday, 7 September 2021  |  Joanna

    After a long twelve months away, our first stall at Sheffield's Art in the Gardens was a roaring success

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    1 CommentWednesday, 7 July 2021  |  Joanna
    World Chocolate Day

    World Chocolate Day is 7 July - it's one of the most important crops for Fairtrade farmers and workers but they still struggle to make ends meet

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    Tuesday, 8 June 2021  |  Joanna
    Mbedza Projects Support

    Brand new products from a new supplier - Mbedza Projects Support in Malawi. Traditional African print cotton aprons and bags.

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    Friday, 7 May 2021  |  Joanna
    World Fair Trade Day 2021

    Saturday 8 May is World Fair Trade Day - the annual celebration of the enterprises around the world who put people and planet at the heart of their operation.

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    Monday, 19 April 2021  |  Joanna
    How Green Is Your T Shirt?

    The Great Big Green Week runs from 18-26 September and is a joint campaigning week for the Climate Coalition

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    Monday, 12 April 2021  |  Joanna
    World Fair Trade Day 8 May 2021

    World Fair Trade Day 8 May 2021 has the theme "Build Back Fairer"

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    Wednesday, 3 February 2021  |  Joanna
    Fairtrade farmers slapped with 100,000 Brexit tariffs

    Since 1 January 2020 shipments from countries with whom the UK doesn't have a trade agreement face tariffs. In the case of Fairtrade bananas from Ghana this means 95 per tonne, or 9.5p on the cost of each 1kg of bananas. This could bankrupt Fairtrade farmers.

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    Wednesday, 16 December 2020  |  Joanna
    Fairtrade Connections arts festival

    2020 has been a difficult and challenging year for all of us. Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 was the last time many of us were able to campaign in our communities, meet up with our fair trade friends and celebrate the farmers and workers who grow and make the Fairtrade goods we love. So Fairtrade Yorkshire is working with other regions and nations around the UK to create a Fairtrade arts festival for Fairtrade Fortnight 2021.



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