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    An update from Black Yak

    Tuesday, 22 September 2020  |  Joanna

    An update from Black Yak

    Nepal is suffering from Covid 19 just as much as the rest of the world. The was a countrywide four-month lockdown from 24th of March to the 21st of July and the first Covid death was on the 14th of May. Since the 18th of August there have been a series of extended restrictions with a loosening announced on the 9th of September. Shops are open for restricted hours on certain days only, vehicles are only permitted to move on an odd / even number plate system and intercity travel has been banned. International flights have only just been restarted although tourists are still not allowed.

    When the prohibitory orders were imposed in August there were 205 new cases in Kathmandu on that day. However, on September 9th, the first day of the relaxation of the restrictions, a total of 572 people were infected in the city. The restrictions were eased even though the numbers are going up rapidly after the business community and wage earners complained of financial hardship brought by the shutdown.

    As of the 9th September Nepal has recorded a total of 50,465 cases with 1246 new cases on that day alone. 572 of those were in Kathmandu, which was the highest single day spike for the city.
    Throughout all of this Black Yak has been supporting our wonderful knitters and tailors and, unlike many, we have not cancelled orders. We had a large delivery just before lockdown. 

    Things have not been easy in Nepal and we have been using part of our knitters' and tailors' fund to support our producers and supply some food and other aid where we have been able. We are very proud of our business and we are going to make sure that the most vulnerable workers in our supply chain are not left behind.