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    Avoid Black Friday - Embrace White Fair Trade Friday

    Friday, 27 November 2020  |  Joanna

    Avoid Black Friday - Embrace White Fair Trade Friday

    Black Friday, which this year happens on 27 November, is an American import that has crept into the UK Christmas shopping calendar in recent years. 

    For those who celebrate Thanksgiving with a long holiday weekend, the day after the big Thanksgiving celebration meal is a good day to start your Christmas shopping, but most people in the UK don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so why would it be popular here?

    Well, lots of people get paid at the end of the month, with the last Friday in November being for many the last payday before Christmas. So getting out and getting on with your festive present buying on the last weekend in November makes a lot of sense. And when American brands import their customary Black Friday bargains to their UK stores, the temptation can be too much to resist.

    But big discounts can only come at the expense of the workers - whether that's retail workers who have to deal with hordes of over excited customers vying for the best deals, or workers in far off lands who have worked long, poorly paid hours to produce the goods we want to get at 50% or even 70% off. And how many of us will buy something because it looks like a bargain but find we never use it? It's wasteful and once we get our dopamine hit from acquiring the new shiny thing, it wears off pretty quickly.

    Fair trade is all about doing things differently, looking after people and planet. So we've never given discounts for Black Friday, despite having Christmas market stalls on this day for each of the last fifteen years.  

    2020 is different. There are no Christmas market stalls and you can only buy our goods online for the foreseeable future. So for the first time ever we have a special offer for Black Friday, but it's a but different.

    We're calling it White Friday. But what does that mean? 

    Well, for every order placed this weekend (Friday 27 - Monday 30 November) you will receive a free fair trade organic cotton face mask in white. Masks are the iconic image of 2020 so on this strangest of black Fridays it seems fitting to make our offer fit the year. 

    Made by the ladies of the Flowering Desert project in India using super soft organic fair trade cotton, the masks support women who have fled violence and need to earn enough to support their families.

    Read more about Flowering Desert here.

    The cotton comes from Sri Kalyan, a fair trade certified company using GOTS certified organic cotton.

    Read more about Sri Kalyan here. 

    This year there won't be crowds, so it will be even easier to avoid the temptations of Black Friday. So why not think about placing an order for a fair trade Christmas gift? You'll find everything from scarves to chocolate, from coasters to dolls or for that hard to buy for person why not think about a Fairtrade hamper?