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    Fashion Revolution Week - Tuesday

    Tuesday, 21 April 2020  |  Joanna

    We've got used to an endless cycle of new clothing in our high street shops, that dopamine hit when we buy something new. But did you know that only 10% of all the garments made is sold? 

    High street brands don't know what will be popular - if a celebrity or social media influencer recommends a "must-have" item it can sell out, so they make far too much of everything in case it takes off, meaning that the majority of the work that the garment workers make ends up incinerated, in landfill or sent to low income countries. Imagine how you would feel if your boss simply burnt 90% of your work. You'd feel undervalued and unappreciated. The simple act of just buying what we need and making sure we sell it all is one of the ways fair trade retailers differ from high street brands. 

    Fair trade brands have stuck to to the "old fashioned" idea of two seasons a year - spring/summer and autumn/winter. This means, for example, Thought clothing brings out two collections a year. All's Fair only buys what we think we can sell, and won't place another order until almost all of the existing stock is sold. This is a much more sustainable way to do business, minimising waste and making sure that the work that goes into making each item is honoured.