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    Fashion Revolution Week - Wednesday

    Wednesday, 22 April 2020  |  Joanna

    We buy four times as many garments as we did in the 1990s. Now the 1990s doesn't seem that long ago to me - I graduated from Lancaster University in 1995 - so how have our buying habits changed so much in so little time?

    One reason is that fashion is much, much cheaper than it was. People often tell me that they have to shop in places like Primark because they can't afford more expensive shops, but this only makes sense if we only buy what we need. But most of us are kidding ourselves about how many of the items of clothing we own are actually worn.

    This study shows the amount of clothes we own but don't wear could be as high as 80%.  

    Buy Less, Buy Better is the mantra of fair trade retailers - our goods are made to last, to be wearable for many years. Fair trade clothing doesn't slavishly follow the latest trends, meaning we get more wear out of each item.