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    Fashion Revolution Week - Friday

    Friday, 24 April 2020  |  Joanna

    Economic growth is vital right? Countries GDP needs to constantly grow otherwise the entire country collapses and everyone falls into poverty.

    Well, not necessarily. The degrowth movement is a growing part of ethical conversations and Doughnut Economics is becoming part of conversations about how we organise our civic life.

    The doughnut model shows that we need to operate within the bounds of the planet and treating one another with decency and respect. At the moment we are operating above the upper limit of the environment and below the lower limit of looking after our friends in low income countries. 

    Working within the green doughnut is the goal for all fair trade enterprises but it is becoming more mainstream. The city of Amsterdam has pledged to embrace the model. 

    The long term effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on traditional economic models has encouraged us all to start thinking about what sort of world we want to see. Countless articles advocating "No return to business as usual" and a survey indicating that only 9% of UK citizens want to go back to the way things were should give us the impetus we need to embrace a more sustainable economy, and the doughnut model is one of the ways we can reorder our lives. rejecting unthinking consumerism and making better choices for ourselves, our planet and its people.