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    Manumit's Vietnamese producers

    Tuesday, 19 May 2015  |  Joanna
    We have just got back from Vietnam where we spent several days working with our fair trade producers to finalise our Christmas range.  Whilst we were away it was Manumit's 10th Birthday and we thought perhaps it was time to look again at the good work that we do in Vietnam.  So here goes... 
    We have been working with our fair trade producer in Hanoi now for eight years and their mission remains the same: to help to provide more secure and decent employment opportunities to disadvantaged women and farmers.  They currently employ 60 people: 45 at the factory and 15 home workers. 

    Farmers in Vietnam earn low and inconsistent income. They are retrained to be skilful tailors, in turn earning a good income which allows their families to have a good standard of living and also enables them to send their children to school. Furthermore, national insurance contributions are made for them to cover medical costs and provide a pension for retirement. Our producer also supports and trains disabled women to enable them to earn a decent living, gain self confidence, retain their dignity and most importantly, integrate into normal society.


    It is so important to remember the people behind the products and I hope you can continue to support them!