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    2016 BAFTS Conference

    Tuesday, 17 May 2016  |  Joanna

    Apparently Bristol is not only called Brizzle because that's how its residents pronounce it. Apparently it rains there. A lot.

    Now I lived just south of Manchester for almost 15 years, so believe me I know rain when I see it. 

    Bristol was basking in glorious sunshine last July when we attended the International Fairtrade Towns Conference so we couldn't be that lucky twice, could we?

    We arrived on Saturday afternoon after the long train journey from Selby and immediately knew we wouldn't be needing the jackets and cardigans we had packed.

    After meeting up with other BAFTS members for an Italian meal on Saturday evening we took a stroll along the water, lined with boats (or ships - I'm never quite sure) After the long winter we've had it was extremely welcome to feel the sun and we were optimistic about the weekend.

    Bristol is known for its ethical, green, eco friendly and Fair Trade ethos so it was the perfect choice of venue for the Conference. The Create centre is on Spike Island (no, not that one - Stone Roses fans will be disappointed to learn!) The recommended method of transport is by ferry. It features an eco home with organic garden, tadpoles in the pond and solar water heater on the roof. 

    All the food served in the on-site cafe is a mixture of locally sourced and Fairtrade ingredients and absolutely delicious. We were able to browse stalls from supplier members, some of whom already supply us in the shop, others may do so in future. From Malawian rice to Sri Lankan toys via Nepalese jewellery and Fairtrade footballs the range of fairly traded products supplied by BAFTS members is always increasing.

    Tomorrow I will talk about some of the guest speakers who made the Conference so engaging.