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    BAFTS Conference in Bristol

    Friday, 20 May 2016  |  Joanna

    We've been involved in BAFTS for ten years now and have attended several Conferences. As a result we've travelled to Hitchin, Chester, Leeds, Fife, Reading, Leicester and Bristol giving us a glimpse of Fair Trade Shops in other parts of the UK.

    Meeting suppliers, especially those who are too small to exhibit at the main Trade shows, is a great aspect of the BAFTS Conference and we returned this year with a bag full of earrings and ideas for other possible products to order in future. The Conference gives an opportunity to hear stories from a wide range of producers, some of which leave us moved to tears.

    Because we do a lot of talks to local community groups about Fair Trade it's important for us to hear these stories so we can tell groups all about them and inspire customers to buy Fair Trade.

    We also heard from people who are not members of BAFTS but who share our ethos. Shared Interest is an ethical investment company where members invest money which is then lent to Fair Trade business whether at home or, more commonly in the developing world. Affordable loans for as little as £14 can help buy seeds, raw materials and a route to market for small producers.

    We heard from Fair Connections and Koolskools who like us are working with schoolchildren to promote the benefits of Fair Trade. Their different approaches - Fair Connections tells the story of fair Trade using puppets and Koolskools provides Fairtrade School uniforms - are underpinned by the same ethos - that the young consumer grows into the adult consumer who will hopefully develop a sense of ethical shopping.