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    Telling stories

    Tuesday, 24 May 2016  |  Joanna

    One of the best things about attending the BAFTS Conference is the stories we hear from those members who visit the producers in the developing world. 

    Hearing first hand from people who work on the ground with their producers is vitally important for those of us who stay in the UK and talk to customers.

    It's great to hear from our fellow BAFTS members and Fair traders in general how much our work affects the people who are working really hard to make the things we sell. 

    We have been talking to groups across the Selby District about the importance of thinking about the impact of our buying choices on those who make the goods we buy .

    I wouldn't be able to talk about Fair Trade without the fantastic communication with other BAFTS members.

    Hearing about widows in Nepal having their lives transformed by the simple act of making and selling jewellery and getting paid in her own right.

    Listening to stories about the children of smallholder farmers gaining access to secondary education for the first time.

    Thinking about what it means to move from walking miles to work, to being able to afford a bicycle and getting more time with your family.

    Learning that uneducated orphans of the Rwandan genocide having been trained to make greetings cards can earn more than a teacher.

    These are the stories we love to share and only membership of an organisation like BAFTS brings all these stories together to inspire us.