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    Fair Trade Pioneers

    Thursday, 22 September 2016  |  Joanna


    York Fair Trade Forum is in a great position to talk about fair trade pioneers. From the Quakers who started chocolate factories in the city to the current Centre for Global Education based at St John University the city has been pioneering trade justice movements for generations. Its proximity to Hull, home of anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce, and to the Yorkshire mill towns which became the crucible of the industrial revolution co-operative and trade union pioneers gives it a unique place in the history of fair trade.

    Two members of the forum have been working on a book about the history of trade justice in the city for years and this year thanks to great support from volunteers the book was finished and enough money was raised to publish it. 

    This book is a must for all schools, teachers, families, churches, youth groups and Fair Trade Towns campaigns working to explore issues of Trade justice with children and young adults.

    We are introduced to Sami, a young teenager who starts looking at all the things she uses every day and where they come from.

    Taking in the stories of anti slavery campaigners Hannah More and Levi Coffin, the Rochdale pioneers, the original Fair Trade coffee from Max Havelaar, Nobel peace prize winner Kailash Satyarthi, and Fair trade products from Palestine, Kenya and Colombia, the book ends by talking to Fair Trade Towns powerhouse Bruce Crowther MBE and Fairtrade Yorkshire anchor Mark Dawson.

    The book is aimed at children from 10 and up but adults will find it engaging and interesting - I know I learned something new.

    All proceeds will go to the work of the York Fair Trade Forum, promoting Fair Trade in the city of York and its environs.

    You can buy it from our sister site, Aztec Arts here

    Or from the York Fair Trade Forum website here where you can also download the fair trade trail which takes you around some of the important sites in the history of fair trade in York.