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    Principle Two: Transparency and Accountability

    Sunday, 23 October 2016  |  Joanna

    Bamboo is having a bit of a moment and our bamboo socks from Braintree clothing are incredibly popular due to the unique properties of the material - naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal, the socks are soft and comfortable.

    Of course in fashion it's important that the product is irresistible but there is a drive towards sustainable and ethical fashion and away from pile-em-high-sell-em-cheap high street brands. Braintree is part of this movement, linked to Fashion Revolution which was formed in response to the Rana Plaza disaster of April 2014. As the dust settled on the collapsed garment factory in Dhaka it became clear that a lot of the companies whose clothes were being made in the factory had no idea they were dealing with it.

    Fashion companies like Braintree make a point of having short supply chains so they can develop relationships with their suppliers, as their code of conduct shows. Before they established a relationship with fair trade pioneers Traidcraft they invited a representative to inspect their bamboo plantations and factories, and Traidcraft became excited about the possibilities of fair trade in China.

    UK consumers spend almost £60 billion a year on clothing so the possibilities for fair and sustainable fashion to change the lives of garment workers are very exciting. We need to see fashion companies being more transparent in their supply chains and accountable to their customers and the people who make their clothes. In the meantime it's good to know there are companies where you can choose to buy ethically.