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    Principle 4: Payment of a fair price

    Sunday, 6 November 2016  |  Joanna

    In 2010 Joanna visited WFTO member Thai Tribal Crafts which is based in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

    Thailand's Northern jungles are home to a range of distinct ethnic tribes, some of whom are living in exile from regimes like Burma and China. Our purses are made by ladies from these tribes who would otherwise be living the same subsistence farming life their families and ancestors have engaged in for centuries.

    It's important for these tribes to preserve their own culture but equally important that they are able to receive a small amount of cash so they aren't completely cut off from the rest of society. For example, the King of Thailand has agreed to give every family a solar panel but in order to use it, they need to buy a battery pack and of course the light fitting or radio they choose to power from it.

    When we place our order we pay in full on the spot, the information is sent out to the villages, the ladies begin work, using traditional embroidery techniques, and the ladies receive payment for their work. It is normally three months between placing the order and receiving the goods, but we think it's worth the wait not only for the quality of the goods but the fact that we know our payment makes a difference.