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    Principle 7: Good working conditions

    Sunday, 27 November 2016  |  Joanna

    Fair trade toy specialist Lanka Kade works with several factories in Sri Lanka. After the long running civil war it is important to Lanka Kade that workers are drawn from both communities and their education programme will only support schools which welcome students from any background or religion.

    In 2015 workers and their families were treated to a New year's Eve party with music, dancing and games. This is a really great way to thank workers for their contribution and to foster a community spirit.

    First Aid Training is provided as well as training for the different aspects of work. This is what worker Ramani says:

    I started working here first in 1999. After some training I now work as a hand painter for skittles and skipping ropes. I have enjoyed working here for the 12 years I have been here and have a good time with all the other employees.  

    Indika says:

    Lanka Kade look into the needs of the employees and have built a friendly relationship between us. They are the best at giving us better benefits and facilities. That is their speciality.