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    Fashion Revolution Week

    Tuesday, 25 April 2017  |  Joanna

    In April 2013 the Rana Plaza complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed. The building had been altered over the years as more and more storeys were added, without planning permission and with scant regard for health and safety. Each floor was packed with hundreds of sewing machines where thousands of young women toiled away for hours on end sewing clothing destined for our high street shops. The insatiable Western appetite for cheap clothing resulted in the disaster which claimed the lives of 1,129 workers, mainly young women who had gone to work that morning and never came home.

    Many more garment workers were injured and disabled as a result of that day's events. Thirty eight people were eventually charged with murder in summer 2016.

    It is vital that we do not forget the victims of this disaster, but hand wringing is not enough. The only way to stop something like the Rana Plaza disaster happening again is to take action to remove the incentive for unscrupulous factory owners to pack as many cheap workers as possible into sweatshops.  We need to change the way we shop, buying fewer items and making them last longer, but making sure they are made in ethical conditions. We need to send the message that we will not buy goods produced under these conditions and that we want to know who made our clothes.

    Fashion Revolution Week runs from 24-30 April and promotes the idea of asking "Who Made My Clothes?" If we all demand to know where our goods come from, holding our high street shops to account for their sourcing practices, they will realise they need to make their working practices as clear, transparent and ethical as possible. So this week don't forget to ask:

    "Who made my clothes?"

    Accessory Fair works with directly with other BAFTS members who know exactly where their goods are produced. Buying a bag, hat, scarf or pair of earrings from us you can be sure our suppliers know exactly who made your fashion accessories.

    The pictures below show the Peruvian lady who makes the Just Trade brass earrings we sell and the Nepalese ladies who knit our winter woollies from Black Yak.