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    Sustainable Development Goals

    Wednesday, 11 April 2018  |  Joanna

    Rachael Maskell MP represents York Central and has been a member of the shadow cabinet. She kindly agreed to meet members of the York Fair Trade Forum during the Easter recess and we discussed several interesting topics with regard to trade justice and campaigning. It was particularly heartening to hear that MPs do listen to "noise" around a subject, so when we sign petitions, email our MPs etc, this does not go unheeded, especially if we work together and get real momentum behind an issue.  But when we asked her what the single most important issue we can raise with our MPs I was quite surprised when she cited the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The reason for this was simple - these are goals which have multinational backing, so rise above the binary oppositional UK Parliamentary system, and since the Millennium Development Goals were proven to have had an incredible effect on poverty reduction across the developing world, they have resonance.

    So what are the Sustainable Development Goals?


    These seventeen goals came into effect in January 2016 and are clear goals which we aim to achieve globally by the end of 2030. They cover the biggest challenges to global development eg: food security, education, climate change, economic insecurity and peace. Virtually all the sustainable development goals are furthered by fair trade which makes them an important part of our campaigning work. 

    Reading the news it's tempting to think everything is getting worse, but the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 proved a major leap forward in alleviating global poverty. If we all work together we can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and have a real impact on the lives of people all around the world.