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    Who made your: handbags?

    Monday, 23 April 2018  |  Joanna

    All this week we're showcasing the stories behind the fashion accessories we sell. 

    The ladies who make our handbags work for a WFTO member in Vietnam. Many of the workers have disabilities which resulted in them suffering discrimination, but the training and experience they have gained from making bags gives them a real sense of purpose and confidence.

    Our bags are fully lined with several zip pockets and feature incredibly detailed applique and embroidery, and the ladies show real pride in their work. Workers in mainstream garment factories often work on a single seam all day, passing each garment to their colleague after just a few seconds. This may be the most "efficient" way to work, but there is little job satisfaction. The joy of producing an entire piece from start to finish is clear, and simple things like this allow workers to feel a connection to the customer who buys and loves their bag. 

    When you buy a handbag from All's Fair you know the workers feel valued, with job security and personal satisfaction as well as great pay and working conditions. Style with a conscience.