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    Kenyan soapstone

    Monday, 5 November 2018  |  Joanna

    We love these soapstone hearts and animals made in Kenya and it was really interesting to hear from Tom of Tilnar Art all about the carvers who make them: 

    "During our trip to visit our suppliers not only did we learn more about how our soapstone supplier does amazing work in Kenya but, we also truly realised what strong environmental credentials soapstone has.  Our supplier’s work with carvers over the last 30 years now means that they employ over 500 carvers with a whole town depending on their business.  They have sponsored all carvers to set up bank accounts, ensured women have equal opportunities and ensure all carvers’ children attend school.  It really is an amazing social enterprise that they have created and we help support though our and your purchases.

    We were so pleased to see this and it was our realisation about the fantastic environment credentials of soapstone that we think will also please our retailers.  We will be including the following environmental statement on our soapstone Point of Sale and Product Tags from now on – 

    Handmade Soapstone Carvings have less than 1% environmental impact from production and disposal compared to non-recyclable plastic or resin products. 

    Proud to be a Zero Plastic Product

    In a time when consumers and retailers are looking to move away from Plastic Items, we think that soapstone actually represents a fantastic Environmentally friendly and Fair Trade alternative."

    Click here to watch a video of Tom's visit.