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    Making our recycled aluminium goods

    Monday, 26 November 2018  |  Joanna

    Our recycled aluminium range has been our best selling, signature range on market stalls for many years.

    Our customers are fascinated by the process and now we have some brand new images to show you, of the goods at each stage of production.

    The aluminium cans are melted down and the hot metal is poured into moulds made in sand. Each one is done individually, in the time-honoured tradition passed down from generation to generation in the metalworking areas of Rajasthan where our goods are made. Occasionally we find small, black marks on the bowls which come off easily - this is the sand which has not completely been removed.

    Once cooled, the dishes are polished to remove all the sand and any rough edges. The insides are left slightly rough at this stage so the enamel will take properly.

    The enamel interior is added by hand - any images are transferred onto a base layer and encased in more clear enamel using a special process so they are completely smooth and food safe.

    The final polishing work is done collaboratively with each bowl given individual attention.

    Finally the products are given a quality check before the product tags are added. The items are then packed in classy black paper and boxed individually for shipping to the UK.

    Sometimes the work of packaging is done in the UK but our supplier feels it's better to allow the makers to see the finished product leave their factory - boxed and ready just as you see it when you buy it from us. This allows them to employ more people so that more of the value of your order stays with the skilled artisans who make the products.

    Thank you to Tilnar Art for these images and the story.