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    Buy A Stranger A Gift

    Thursday, 2 April 2020  |  Joanna

    A couple of years ago the Big Green Bookshop started a phenomenon with "Buy A Stranger A Book Day". Since then every Wednesday strangers have been buying each other books in a show of generosity and fellow-feeling. It's also a great way to support the bookshop which, like all independent retailers, has had a difficult few years.

    So in the same spirit we're offering you the opportunity to Buy A Stranger A Gift. Every Friday we'll be posting suggestions on Twitter and Facebook, but you can buy anything from our site. Use the notes section to tell us you would like the gift to go to someone who needs a boost right now. You can let us choose who receives it, or specify that you want it to go to a key worker, an NHS staff member, perhaps someone whose birthday will be lonelier than normal due to self isolation, someone who's feeling poorly, or just anyone who needs cheering up.  We'll find someone who would really appreciate your gift.

    Follow the hashtag #BuyAStrangerAGift and #FairTradeFriday if you're in this group and see what people are generous enough to buy to cheer you up.

    You can also surprise someone you already know who deserves a boost. If you know the name and address of the person you would like to receive a gift, just put their details in the delivery section and let us know it's a surprise gift and we'll make sure they get a card to let them know why they're getting the surprise.

    Let's support each other and bring a little light in the darkness.