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    Divine - World Chocolate Week

    Sunday, 18 October 2020  |  Joanna

    Divine - World Chocolate Week

    Divine chocolate is probably the market leader in Fairtrade chocolate in the UK. Established in 1993, Divine predates the Fairtrade mark by a year and was the brainchild of Nana Frimpong Ababrese. Seeing that multinational companies controlled the cocoa market in Ghana, Nana wanted to make sure farmers had a fair share in the proceeds of their hard work. With help from Twin Trading (which sadly ceased trading last year after a long and illustrious career) he set up Kuapa Kokoo - which means Good Cocoa Farmer in the local language, Twi. Their motto "Pa Pa Paa" means Best of the Best and this has always been the aim of Divine. Starting with 2000 members in 22 villages, the co-operative gained Fairtrade certification and soon grew.

    In 1997 the farmers took the democratic decision to set up their own chocolate company in the UK to compete with mass market chocolate brands. They didn't want to be siloed into the niche of selling small amounts of chocolate to afficionados, but to really challenge the grip of Big Cocoa on the West African cocoa industry. Originally known as the Day chocolate company after founder Richard Day, Kuapa Kokoo owned 33% of the shares collectively, giving them real democratic power. The name Divine was chosen for the brand, incorporating a stylised heart into the logo which remains to this day.


    You'll receive a free 35g bar of Divine chocolate with every order you place up to £20 during World Chocolate Week 12 - 18 October 

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