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    Fair Trade Face Masks

    Thursday, 18 June 2020  |  Joanna

    When the coronavirus hit many countries went into immediate lockdown and all business activity ceased. In developed countries many workers found their government was paying their wages as they were "furloughed", but in low income countries governments were unable to do this, risking severe hardship or even starvation for workers.

    All's Fair is working with other BAFTS members to help support fair trade artisans with work during the crisis. Face coverings are becoming mandatory in more places - including on public transport and some businesses. Our mask comes in a range of designs and features two layers of cotton with a third smaller section designed to hold a "filter" - as simple as a tissue or piece of kitchen roll making it even more effective.


    We have decided to sell these masks at cost as a way to support artisans.

    While stocks last we will also include a mask free with every order over £30.

    Buy a mask now