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    Fair Trade Principle Nine: Promoting Fair Trade

    Friday, 9 August 2019  |  Joanna

    At All's Fair we love telling people why we do what we do. Fair Trade works. It's as simple as that. We know it works because we hear all the time from our suppliers about the work they are doing to improve people's lives, to increase sales, employment and skills. When I meet a supplier at a trade show and shake her hand, I know the last hand she shook might have been the lady who makes our fabric dolls in Sri Lanka, a Kashmiri painter who created our Christmas decorations, a carver in Kenya whose soapstone hearts are available on our stall.

    We work over the summer with York Fair Trade Forum on community stalls around the York area, including York Pride. These stalls give us the opportunity to talk about the people who make our goods, and help raise money for the forum's work promoting fair trade in the city. Our regular stalls which take us all over Yorkshire offer the same opportunity to explain how the goods are made, who benefits and what impact you can have with your purchase. And the more we sell the more impact we can have, so thank you to all our customers for making a difference! 

    Joanna has been asked to speak at events around Yorkshire - including primary schools, lunch groups, university students and U3A groups. She takes a range of products to show the skills involved in making each of them and tells some of the stories our suppliers have told her over the years. Promoting fair trade is the one principle where the people who work in fair trade retail are really at the chalkface of the fair trade movement and we love it!