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    Fair Trade Principle Six: Non-Discrimination, Gender Equity & Freedom of Association

    Friday, 19 July 2019  |  Joanna

    The fair trade principles ensure that people are not discriminated against on grounds of gender, race, caste, religion or sexuality. But it also deals with the right to freedom of association, which in most cases means joining a union.

    Collective bargaining is vitally important for workers in countries where there isn't sufficient legislation to guarantee them good pay and conditions, but it can be used for a lot of different workplace situations as well.

    Unions are a vital tool for workers to be able to tackle issues like sexual harassment in the workplace, low pay, summary dismissals and inadequate health and safety provision. Any organisation considering itself to be a fair trade organisation should be happy to support its workers' right to join a union, and make it part of their business plan to hold open and frank conversations with all workers on a regular basis.