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    Fair Trade Principle Ten: Respect for the Environment

    Friday, 16 August 2019  |  Joanna

    Many of the products All's Fair stock are made from recycled materials - chiefly aluminium, which saves 95% of the carbon emissions compared with creating new aluminium from bauxite.

    Our bamboo socks are a great alternative to cotton as the bamboo is grown sustainably, using much less water than cotton, and the process our supplier uses for creating bamboo viscose is a closed loop - the chemicals which break down the fibres are harvested at the end and recycled. This avoids damaging run-off into rivers. All viscose is made from trees, but not all viscose is made so sustainably.

    We have never used plastic bags on our stalls, and always ask whether the customer wants a bag. We use recycled paper for packaging and all our leaflets are printed on recycled paper.

    We use recycled and biodegradable plastic mailing bags, and reuse all the packaging that comes to us from our suppliers. This means you will sometimes receive an item packed in plastic - because that's how it came to us. We're constantly looking for more sustainable alternatives to all the packaging we use, and encouraging our suppliers to do the same.

    The global south is at the forefront of the damaging effects of climate change and fair trade offers a vital support network for producers to protect themselves against the worst effects. This could be creating opportunities for employment for farmers whose crops may fail, helping people make their houses better able to withstand flooding, and helping produce energy in a less carbon intensive way.