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    Fairtrade Fortnight - Choose wisely

    Friday, 6 March 2020  |  Joanna

    Millions of farmers and workers in agricultural communities in poor countries are among the worlds most vulnerable to the climate crisis and the ever more unpredictable weather, natural disasters and disease outbreaks. 

    Fairtrade’s increased incomes and knowledge sharing can support farmers to become more resilient when adversity strikes, more informed of how to fight pests and diseases that may damage crops, and training to adapt to a changing environment. By protecting diversity and farming in a more sustainable way, through methods such as intercropping and shade grown coffee farmers can mitigate some of the worst impacts of climate changes. 


     Fairtrade invests more than other certifications in strengthening the farmers’ know-how, livelihoods and status, enabling them to make significant and lasting changes to their production methods. 


    Climate change also undermines the livelihoods of millions of agricultural producers. There have already been major changes in the production of coffee, tea and cocoa. Rising temperatures means that disease such as leaf rust are spreading across new areas of coffee production, causing devastation, contributing to predictions that the current land suitable for growing coffee will halve by 2050. 

    Only Fairtrade is the simple choice UK shoppers can make to fight for fair pay, gender equality and climate justice. 


    Through its standards, Fairtrade encourages farmers to protect the forests, plant new trees, conserve water, and not use harmful chemicals. They also encourage equality in terms of rights and responsibilities for the farmers and workers operating under the Fairtrade system, backed by the climate academies and initiatives such as the climate academies and the women’s school of leadership.  


    Buying a Fairtrade chocolate bar means a sweet treat for you and a sweeter deal for the people and the planet who helped produce it.