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    Fairtrade Fortnight - Tackling Inequality

    Tuesday, 3 March 2020  |  Joanna

    The inequality in cocoa farming is incredibly stark for women. For every 23p per day a woman cocoa farmer earns, a man earns five times that! Cocoa is a partnership crop, yet women cocoa farmers earn less than men for doing more of the work. Fairtrade is fighting to change this.    


     Women cocoa farmers earn 23p per day, that is 90% below a living income five times less than men. Male cocoa farmers earn 5 times that.  


    Women can earn just 23p after doing the lion’s share of the work in cocoa, physical labour of planting and harvesting, hacking cocoa pods, fermenting, drying and bagging up the cocoa beans; working a third more hours than men and making up two thirds of the labour force, women earn a fifth of the income. 


    Fairtrade standards are built around equality and ensure that women have a voice in the community, are represented in decision-making and benefit from the increased value generated by Fairtrade 

    Fairtrade is striving towards equality for women and is enabling women farmers to earn better incomes and become leaders. This Fortnight, our campaign She Deserves calls for fair pay, equal rights and a sustainable future.   


    Women will often work in the fields all day and then do most of the unpaid work caring for the family; despite this, they will often be landless, paid less and have fewer rights than men.  


    Fairtrade’s industry leading standards are built around equality, but there is more that needs to happen to achieve this goal. This is why Fairtrade is going further – with groundbreaking research and innovative programmes that support women to raise their voices, train them to know their rights, to become advocates for each other. Thanks to Fairtrade, women are gaining the skills to become leaders and business people in their communities – this Fortnight Fairtrade is sharing the stories of empowering, inspirational women fighting for a different future.  


    Buying a bar of Fairtrade chocolate empowers some the world’s most vulnerable women in West Africa to change their story, that’s why She Deserves Fairtrade.