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    Fairtrade Fortnight - The Climate Emergency

    Wednesday, 4 March 2020  |  Joanna

    There is no climate justice without trade justice. Cocoa farmers are on the front line of the climate emergency. Choosing Fairtrade supports biodiversity, environmentally friendly farming and helps farmers adapt to and mitigate against the effects of climate change. 


    The Fairtrade Standards-, which farmers must follow in order to sell their crops as Fairtrade –have environmental protection, social and economic justice at their core. When you choose Fairtrade you choose a product, you are fighting for all three.


    One in three (for plantations) or one in four (for small farms) of our Fairtrade standards is concerned with environmental issues. For farms to be able to sell their products as Fairtrade products, they have to, among other things, protect forests and reduce their climate emissions, energy and water consumption, and use of pesticides and fertilizers.


    It is estimated that 50% of all the land currently used for coffee cultivation will no longer be suitable for coffee by 2050. Farmers will have to diversify, and Fairtrade is funding programmes to help.


    Only Fairtrade fights for social, economic and climate justice.