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    Fairtrade Fortnight - York Fair Trade Forum

    Wednesday, 26 February 2020  |  Joanna

    Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 24 February to 8 March and this week we're exploring our links with local and national fair trade organisations.

    Despite being from Selby, some 15 miles south of York, All's Fair's stall can be found at local community events in York over the summer, alongside York fair Trade Forum's information and our popular "Pong" game where customers pay 50p in a game of skill to win fair trade prizes.

    Selby doesn't have a local Fairtrade campaign group, but York has been a Fairtrade City since 2004 and has an active and vibrant group of campaigners who work around the city.

    The group meets roughly once a month with anywhere from 8 to 20 attendees, and guest speakers from local businesses and like-minded community organisations. In addition there is always at least one big event during Fairtrade Fortnight, and stalls over the summer at community events like York Pride, West Bank Park and Woodthorpe.

    This year our big Fairtrade Fortnight event is held in conjunction with the Fairtrade Foundation and we're honoured to play host to Rosine Bekoin, a cocoa farmer from Cote D'Ivoire. She will be joining us at the Spurriergate Centre (where All's Fair has its regular monthly pop-up shop) along with inspirational women from York Cocoa House, Divine chocolate, the Co-op and the Fairtrade Foundation. York central MP Rachael Maskell will also be joining us. Rachael is a long standing supporter of the group, and came to speak to us in 2018.

    Details of the event on Thursday 27 February are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2752447751512915/

    We will also be working in partnership with South Bank Community Cinema to show the Kiterunner on Friday 6 March. The film will be preceded by a talk from Joanna about Youth and Fairtrade. This follows on from a successful event in 2019 as part of York Fashion Week where we showed Phantom Thread and the talk (again from Joanna) was on Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion.

    To find out more about York Fair Trade Forum, click to visit their website.