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    Mbedza Projects Support

    Tuesday, 8 June 2021  |  Joanna

    One of the things I've always loved about fair trade is the fact that I could shake hands (when that was allowed) with one of my suppliers and know that they have shaken hands with the people who make the products I sell. That short supply chain, the personal connection, makes it so much easier to tell stories about the people whose lives are transformed through fair trade. 

    So when I was taking a socially distanced walk around the village with my friend Meg and her spaniel Amber I was really interested in a project she told me about that her friend Diane was involved with. 

    Diane and her husband David had visited MPS in Malawi, and were keen to support the work done by this charity in one of the world's poorest countries. Education, health and poverty reduction through practical measures like fuel efficient stoves and tree planting to make agriculture more sustainable ticked a lot of fair trade boxes for me.

    So when I contacted Diane I was keen to find out how I could help. She told me about the six ladies of the project who work on treadle sewing machines. This is essential because electricity is not reliable in Malawi - you can find out more about this by watching the film (or reading the book) The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind 

    I love bright colours and the traditional African batik cottons are so much fun that I couldn't resist taking some to support the project. So if you're looking for a fun, ethical gift for someone why not take a look at the aprons and bags and know that your purchase makes a real difference in the lives of women and children in Malawi.

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