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    Tuesday, 8 June 2021  |  Joanna
    Mbedza Projects Support

    Brand new products from a new supplier - Mbedza Projects Support in Malawi. Traditional African print cotton aprons and bags.

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    Tuesday, 10 November 2020  |  Joanna
    FIG Tree Bean to Bar Chocolate

    The FIG Tree is a social enterprise in Garstang in Lancashire, the world's first Fairtrade Town. Conceived as a centre for all things Fairtrade the FIG Tree now serves to act as a bridge with cocoa farmers in Ghana and to educate children and adults about Fairtrade chocolate through chocolate making workshops.

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    1 CommentWednesday, 21 October 2020  |  Joanna
    Fair to Trade Christmas decorations

    We've been selling hand painted Christmas decorations from Fair to Trade since 2013 on our Christmas market stalls in Manchester and Sheffield, but since this year there are no face to face sales for us in 2020 you can now buy them online.
    Find out more about how and where they are made

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    Friday, 18 September 2020  |  Joanna
    World Bamboo Day

    World Bamboo Day is held on 18 September every year. It gives us the opportunity to think about this incredibly versatile material and how we can use it in environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

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    Friday, 17 July 2020  |  Joanna
    Refillable Water Bottles

    Our brand new range of copper water bottles from Tilnar Art is made from copper and features designs from Meg Hawkins.

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    Tuesday, 7 July 2020  |  Joanna
    World Chocolate Day

    World Chocolate Day - what could be better? In the UK we eat over 11kg of chocolate on average making us the biggest chocoholics in Europe. Our chocolate is all Fairtrade and comes from companies dedicated to sharing the love with everyone in the supply chain.

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    Thursday, 18 June 2020  |  Joanna
    Fair Trade Face Masks

    From Monday 15 June the UK government has made it mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport and some small shops are making it mandatory as well

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    Friday, 5 June 2020  |  Joanna
    World Environment Day

    Friday 5 June is World Environment Day, focussing on biodiversity.
    One of the Ten Principles of Fair Trade concerns Respect for the Environment. We're looking at what our suppliers are doing to make sure they promote biodiversity and protect the

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    Friday, 29 May 2020  |  Joanna
    National Biscuit Day

    Friday 29 May is National Biscuit Day - find out how our Fairtrade biscuits support farmers and taste great!

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    Wednesday, 18 March 2020  |  Joanna
    Coronavirus and fair trade

    The impact of the new COVID-19 coronavirus will be life changing for all of us - even those who don't contract the virus will be impacted by those around us who are affected.
    Read more about how coronavirus is affecting the people involved in fair trade, including us:

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