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    Supplier Focus: Black Yak

    Tuesday, 17 September 2019  |  Joanna

    Black Yak are based like us in Yorkshire but their heart is with their knitters in Nepal.

    Their philosophy is simple: 

    Black Yak allows people to realise very simple desires - 

    • To work for a fair wage. 
    • To be able to look after themselves and their families.
    • To have a future with dignity and respect.

    Rupert and Mandy from Black Yak have been visiting Nepal for over 20 years, and have supported their knitters through good times and bad. Possibly the worst thing that could possibly happen, came in April 2015 when an earthquake devastated Kathmandu. Thankfully none of their artisans lost their lives but many of them lost their homes and belongings. Black Yak's response was to raise as much money as they could, take it out there and give the artisans whatever they needed to continue with the lives they were building.

    Rupert opened the house he stays in when in Kathmandu to all the knitters and their families who needed a home - at one point there were over twenty knitters living and working there - so that the workers had somewhere to sleep, and could continue to work and earn money. Black Yak has been supporting rebuilding efforts over the last four years and now the knitters are back on track.

    As part of their commitment to their knitters Black Yak pays for education and healthcare for many of their suppliers' families. 

    When you buy our Black Yak hand knitted winter woollies you know that not only are you getting a fantastic quality product, you are helping to support some of the most talented people living in one of the world's poorest countries.