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    World Fair Trade Day 8 May 2021

    Monday, 12 April 2021  |  Joanna

    World Fair Trade Day 8 May 2021

    World Fair Trade Day is co-ordinated by the World Fair Trade Organisation, 

    Celebrated on the second Saturday in May every year, the focus is on the producers, workers and artisans who make the goods sold by members of WFTO itself or network members like BAFTS - Fair Trade Network UK. 

    All's Fair is proud to have been a member of BAFTS since 2006 and the artisans and producers who make most of the goods we sell, the homewares, toys, fashion accessories etc - as well as the farmers and workers who grow our Fairtrade food - are the focus of our campaigning activities around World Fair Trade Day's theme of "Build Back Fairer". 

    World Fair Trade Day will see a Europe-wide campaign celebrating the fair trade outlets in your local area under the banner "Fair Trade Local". We're asking people to take photos outside their local fair trade shop and upload them to social media with the hashtag #FairTradeLocal. If you don't have a fair trade shop in your local area, but you've had a delivery from All's Fair why not take a photo with it instead?

    We're also asking you to contact your local MP or mayor and ask them to take a photo with the poster reading "Build Back Fairer", then send them to the WFTO for inclusion in their gallery.

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