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    World Fair Trade Day 9 May 2020

    Thursday, 14 May 2020  |  Joanna

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    World Fair Trade Day is celebrated every May with organisation from the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). We mention WFTO several times on our website because they came up with the Ten Principles of Fair Trade which we use to assess our suppliers. All's Fair is a member of BAFTS which is the UK's network member of WFTO. 

    This year for obvious reasons there were no events for World Fair Trade Day. Instead everything was online and groups like BAFTS showed solidarity with fair trade groups around the world. This photo shows Joanna on a Zoom call with other BAFTS members showing support for World Fair Trade Day (including our suppliers Black Yak and Just Trade) 

    The WFTO has been working on a big project to unite all its members and their customers around the world. With producers facing a lack of orders and retailers unable to open, we've had to be dynamic and find something that meets the need of customers in the global north which uses the skills and materials our producers already possess. The People's Mask was born. WFTO Asia came up with a pattern which they are allowing anyone - regardless of whether they are a WFTO member - to use. BAFTS members are clubbing together to buy some masks from WFTO members in Cambodia, Vietnam and India. The producers are hard at work making them and we hope to have them available for you to buy by mid June.

    "People’s Mask is an initiative of World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO Asia) . It is Fair Trade’s rapid response to the novel coronavirus pandemic when the world faced a shortage of face masks, especially for essential workers (non-medical frontline personnel) as well as communities. The #PeoplesMask represents the grassroots connection of Fair Trade Enterprises with communities, made for 'the people by the people'." WFTO

    This is what Fair Trade Solidarity looks like - in a global pandemic we try to work out how to help each other.  All's Fair will be selling them at cost - we don't want to make a profit off the back of the coronavirus - but we think it's vitally important that fabric face masks are widely available to protect stocks of clinical grade masks so desperately needed by key workers.