Silver Chilli


Silver Chilli work with skilled silversmiths to create distinctive silver jewellery from rural Mexico.

Not only are their handmade earrings stylish and great quality, but they come with very impressive fair trade and eco credentials.

What Silver Chilli say about themselves…

Who are we?
3 Brits and a Mexican started Silverchilli! Rocio Ordonez, a Mexican Graphic designer with a passion for Fair Trade; Iain Mabbott our website developer and operations manager; and Zoë Young and Jane Kellas who both have a personal commitment to Fair Trade that is reflected both in and outside of their careers in the international development sector. We also received the generous voluntary assistance of our Press Officer, Cathy Macmillan, and advice on our business development from Daniel Meguille at the Haringey Business Development Agency, and along the way massive support from Melia Christaki ensuring that orders went out on time!

Our project management team in Mexico… Mercedes, Jaime, Ale & Israel manage the direct contact with the silversmiths and the women’s and children’s centre we support – ensuring that our fair trade credentials stretch right to each and every person involved in – ensuring they get paid on time and they receive the support they need. Our fab UK team… also includes Kit Wilkes French who looks after our finances and Zennie Amlak who helps us run events in the summer and at Christmas.

Our history… Starting at a time when most’ers were making their millions, in late 1999, the aim was to use the power of the web to open up opportunities to bring Fair Trade jewellery to people who may never visit Mexico, but, through their shopping choice, could enhance the lives of whole communities.

Silverchilli is a not-for-profit fair trade company... bringing designer Mexican silver jewellery with the accent on funky to you! We pay large deposits on orders to fund the raw materials, work with the silversmiths to ensure that they make a good living from their jewellery, and offer fair trade loans to help expand their businesses at low risk.

All of our jewellery is made from reclaimed silver… so there is no new mining - and all of our profits go into funding a women's and children's centre in Taxco, Mexico where the silversmiths live and work.