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Kazuri bracelets and necklaces offer a modern western take on traditional African jewellery.

We have always been very impressed by the wonderful combination of stylish design and craftsmanship of Kazuri jewellery – you only have to hold some of their necklaces to know this is jewellery of the highest quality.

Like us, you will also love the fact that all Kazuri jewellery is fair trade and handmade in Kenya.

What Kazuri they say about themselves…

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Kazuri, which means small and beautiful in Swahili, is hand-painted ceramic jewellery made in Kenya. Every bead which makes up a necklace or bracelet is shaped by hand by one of the 350 local women employed. The beads are then kiln fired once, glazed and fired again before being strung.

Founded by the late Lady Susan Wood, Kazuri is still located where she first started creating employment for struggling single mothers back in 1975. The workshop is in Karen, named after Karen Blixen of 'Out Of Africa' fame, on part of the farm once owned by her.

In an age of mass-produced goods, Kazuri jewellery stands out as a little bit different. As every piece of jewellery is handmade, every one is unique. Indeed, many pieces take on the quirks and trademarks of the individual people who shape the beads, paint them or string them, giving them soul as well as beauty.